The Eno Lamp – Base Modern
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The Eno Lamp

$ 715.00

The Eno lamp is a small run, hand-made, desk lamp made from the finest materials. It is a complete redesign of our "A Light" with special attention paid to materiality and increased functionality. Each unit is numbered.


Each component is highly considered.

* The lamp body is 3/16" thick solid brass with a hand brushed and waxed finish.

* The glass globe is blown by hand with the highest quality blown glass rod available.

* The hardware/cord strain relief, is manually machined and knurled from a solid brass rod.

* The electrical cord is SVT 18ga round cloth-covered wire.

* The accompanying cord weights are manually machined from solid brass rods.

* Designed, crafted, and assembled in Portland Oregon.


The Eno lamp includes: Lamp body, glass globe, electrical cable

(1) LED bulb that is a 60W equivalent and compatible with dimmers.  

(2) solid brass cord weights for managing cable routing.



*Dimmers are able to be added to the cord for an additional cost. 

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