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Triangle Trivet

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*The Triangle Trivet has been discontinued and is no longer available. 


The TRIANGLE TRIVET was Base Modern's first design and the inspiration for the forming of this company. Its form was inspired by the "impossible" or Penrose triangle as designed by Oscar Reutersvard in 1934. The Penrose triangle is a familiar object to us all due in large part to the work of M.C. Escher but also because of its use in populate culture. 

While not itself an optical illusion, the Triangle Trivet will make you look twice at your table-scape. The linework of its form draws in the eye, but more importantly, it protects your tabletop by acting as a heat sink for a hot pot or pan.  


Dimensions: 10" equilateral triangle

Materials: 3/8" P&O steel, or 304 stainless steel 

Finish Options:  white ceramic coating, or stainless steel 

Source: designed, manufactured, and finished in Portland Oregon

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