Phase Bowls (set of 3) – Base Modern
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Phase Bowls (set of 3)

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The Phase Bowls are as minimal as it comes. They are an exercise in knowing when to stop designing and just let an object be. 

Simple in form and also highly functional. The intended usage of this set of bowls is open-ended. They can be used for most anything. Each of the three bowls appear very differently while still being composed of the same basic components. Each bowl is set to a different pitch or angle that not only affects its appearance but also inspires its end use. Group them together or use each individually. Use in table-scapes, as planters, a catch-all, candle holders, or anything else you can think of.  

These bowls are designed for open-ended use. 

*Modifications to color are available upon request 

*Please allow for a lead time of 3+ weeks as each set is made upon request. Email for current production time.



Dimensions: 6" half hemisphere

Materials: Steel with a textured matte black finish 

Source: Designed, made, and finished in Portland Oregon

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